Olive Wood Veneer - An Introduction

Olivewood with its dark, rich texture and striking comparison of light as well as shadow grain patterns is a prominent option for kitchen area tools, bowls as well as veneers. It's an extremely thick, difficult wood, making it odor and discolor immune - and also an important feature in any type of functioning kitchen area device. The initial point you intend to consider is that the timber is not a soft timber like pine. While both have their very own benefits in relation to functioning conditions, both are much more challenging as well as will call for a whole lot more upkeep than soft woods. Olivewood for example calls for a high grade oil coating to secure it from the elements and to safeguard its finish and grain pattern from dampness. Some manufacturers even suggest applying water repellent paint to shield it from water damages.

Since it is such a thick and also heavy timber, it is advised that you have a minimum of 8 square feet of area in which to function with it. If you do not have enough room to make use of a veneer, you can also get an olive wood plinth that is 4 or five inches deep so you can still utilize your work area.

To finish off your deal with your olive wood veneer, seal it with a coat of oil and discolor. Some individuals select to coat the veneer with a safety varnish or oil surface to help it last much longer in the cooking area, yet do not go overboard. A coat of oil and also varnish is normally best if you are just mosting likely to be using it periodically on specific kitchen devices or bowls. The oil and also varnish need to be reapplied every three months or two to offer it a safety layer.

After you secure the veneer coating, you can then sand it to eliminate any one of the rough areas you might locate on it. You can make use of a rugged sandpaper to rub out the rough areas to provide your veneer surface area the look of a smooth and also mirror like finish. A high quality grade of sand paper will certainly provide you a fine coating. The last step in the sanding process is to offer the veneer of an alpha varnish. a finish to offer it that appeal coating. This will make it last longer and also supply an extra irreversible surface.

One wonderful aspect of this type of timber is that it is fairly simple to clean. All you require is a wet fabric as well as a light soap. Any kind of sort of cleaning agent ought to be great. You can even make use of a blend of dishwashing soap and water if you intend to maintain your cooking area clean, yet it will help to maintain the oil as well as wax from the coating from permeating in.

One of the biggest issues people have with this wood is that it tends to warp under particular cooking conditions. Some specialists claim that it works well for some applications, but also for many use, they discover it needs added defense to avoid it from warping under warmth. An excellent guideline is to utilize it outdoors throughout the summer season and also inside your home throughout the winter season to prevent bending. If you are utilizing it in the oven, it may be best to leave it bent on dry a little longer or at the very least allow it remain to a couple of hrs prior to using it.


Some people state that olive timber veneer has the tendency to warp somewhat gradually, however this is rather regular with nearly any type of type of wood. An excellent rule of thumb is to avoid bending where the grain runs parallel to the side of the wood. If this takes place, you can use a little bit extra pressure to the wood so it does not warp as much. This will certainly allow you to obtain the very best results with your task for an extended period of time.

It's a very thick, difficult wood, making it odor and stain immune - as well as an important feature in olive wood nativity set any working kitchen area tool. The first point you want to take into consideration is that the wood is not a soft timber like ache. If you do not have adequate area to use a veneer, you can also purchase an olive timber plinth that is 4 or 5 inches deep so you can still utilize your work space.

To complete off your job on your olive timber veneer, seal it with a layer of oil as well as discolor. Some individuals state that olive wood veneer has the propensity to warp somewhat over time, yet this is rather typical with virtually any type of type of timber.